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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions - email us if your questions is not listed.

Q. Difference between VTCT and other credentials?

A. VTCT qualifications are recognised around the world. They are a higher level, taking more study and time to complete. Our Fastrack courses are great for those wishing to upskill or add to their repetoire.

Q. Are ESA classess accredited?

A. Yes they are, we have all our courses accredited by ABT or Beauty Guild in order that you can get insurance.

Q. How big are the classes?

A. We maintain a class size of a maximum of 4 to ensure students get optimum attention, have opportunities to ask questions and have all practical sessions thoroughly demonstrated.

Q. Do you take Credit Cards?

A. Yes, we accept Debit, Credit from all the main vendors; Mastercard, Visa, Amex

Q. Do you accept cash?

A. Yes, we can take cash.

Q. How long have the teachers been teaching?

A. Our teachers each have 20+ years expereince in teaching as well as industry experience. In addition most of our teachers have Teaching Degrees.

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